problems for marcel



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    @releit: das hat echt geklappt, problem ist jetzt aber behoben, zumindest ging es eben ;-)

    @all: the problem is solved! (?)
  • I've got the same problem that Sauron brought up. My score did not go to nor did the ranking window come up as usual.:-(
  • Hi Gene and Sauron,

    Can you reload the page and try again?

    Thanks... ;-)
  • Marcel i don't see anywhere to retype my name and group. please advise. thanks.
    Oh I just thought maybe to try after a game. will let you know.
  • the vote up tab thing doesn't work for me. how do you know if its on it?
  • success! but Marcel should really fix that
  • I am having issues with full screen. On my monitor at its native resolution, the game is too small to play. If I zoom in on the browser (ctrl +), or if I save the swf file to my computer and try play with the window maximized, or if I go to another website which promises a full screen version of the game, or if I use a Firefox plugin like Flash Game Maximizer, the intro screen is full screen, but when the game play starts... it shrinks down to a tiny game in the middle of a huge black fullscreen frame.

    Please fix the zooming/scaling so I can play the game! It is too small for me!

    In fact, a button in the game to zoom it out to full screen natively, so I don't have to use one of the above mentioned workarounds would be even better! But for now, just letting me zoom it on my own would be good enough!!!!
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    Simple version: (non english friendlier)

    Missle 1's do the same damage as Missle 2's, but the base damage (16 vs 38 ) says missle 2's should do just over 2x the damage.

    Normal, over explained version: (what most my posts are).

    I have a problem with missles. it's not new or anything, we've discussed this before. ...Alot. ....Indepth, but it's never been actually put in as a bug, so here goes.

    Missle 1's claim a base damge of 16. missle 2's claim a base damage of 38. Both do between 80 and 120 damage per hit.

    The only real advantage of missle 2's over missle 1's is the minimally increased range.

    Of the other cannons tha list a base damage that does NOT match the damage done, they at least stay consistant between the relative differences. Boomerangs that list say base damge 1 (not sure if it's right) and 4 damage for level 2 (also not sure) do 4x as much damage average when the advanced ones hit over basic. I think in this case, it's counted as frames the boomerang is in contact. Sonic appears to be the same way with the damage listed not really matching the damage done, but it is relative in that the lesser actual damage is in line with the greater version.

    Following this, the heavy missles should do slightly more than 2x the base missle damage, or around 390-430 per hit. The explosions look identical, so once again it appears that it's doing something similar with number of frames hit, but that doesn't match with either the listed damage, or frames in contact. Maybe it's got something to do with the small chevrons (v's) used for the explosion graphic? (base damage for each chevron that hits an ant) only since the explosions are identical, we're back to the damages being identical and not dependant on the base damage.
  • hi marcel just got a very fine score of 31216 points lv 105.but i still cant see my name in the general rankings list .just to make my point stronger ,iam number one player in england and indeed my own group called no i know what scores can be reached without cheating .most if not all scores in the general rankings list are CHEAT SCORES please for the scond time of asking do someting about this.:-(
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    Is there any way to play the Antbuster game in full screen? If not, could it be made larger? I just want the larger version to magnify the game. Everything would be the same except that folks with vision problems would have an easier time playing the game.

    My laptop computer has been replaced. This new one has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. The pixels are small. The Antbuster game square is now 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches. That's too small for me to enjoy with my vision problems.

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