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Hi! I'm testing the new version of Antbuster and I chose you to be a Beta Tester (if you wish, of course!).

My idea is that Antbuster 1.5 will be only a bit better version than 1.2, but not the revolutionary version. My plan is to rewrite the entire core to make a Antbuster 2 in the future.

I've been working in this version for a while. Some of the new functions are disabled yet, but I need your help to tell me the bugs that you find and suggest new improvements.

Is very important that you read the considerations below:

- I don't gave the Beta Tester function for everybody. I chose the candidates to beta-tester by forum participation and relevance of they comments;
- Use only this topic to talk about the new version;
- Try to say only what is relevant;
- Good suggestions are welcome!

In this version I did:
- Improvements in the interface;
- A lot of code adjustments;
- Gave shields to ants level 40 or greater;
- One or two new weapons;
- Other things that I don't remember now.

I'm working in:
- New ranking system;
- Mazes.

Thank you for your help!!


  • Aesthetically i find antbuster 1.5 very pleasent. I like the shields. it give more color and diversity to the game and it allows me to have a better idea of the different levels the ants are without untargeting them and loosing the game at crucial moments to see the levels of other ants.

    Bug: after ending a game with a wasp cannon on the field by pressing pause, then end game, then menu; i started a new game and the wasp cannon was still on the field. my new game started up with a free wasp cannon.

    i can't wait to see the maxed crossbow and the poison/ice wasps.

    Thanks for sharing this with me marcel.
  • 1st of all: nice work, keep going on. ;)

    2nd: it looks good, but it is a little bit like a colered candy?

    The characters of the information-popup are not good readable, example:

    - the words "Basic Damage" are grey in foreground and the words "Impact Cannon" are green in the background. looks not so good.

    - the red X to close the window could be mistaken because it looks like delete-cross?

    - what is the "0" in the basic-cannon-symbol for?
    - what is the shield good for? bone is nice ;)
  • I repeated the bug that mikey2 found with the wasp cannon, if you end the game before you actually lose. The game restarts with a one free wasp cannon.
  • Marcel could you make one more private disscusion like this one that the beta testers could use to talk to each other about the game so this can be just for bug reports and suggestions. It would give you less to read and we could talk about the game with out the regular players being able to see it.
  • i have tried the new wasp cannon i like it very much i would like it to have just a little more power.wasp cannon covers much more ground thats something good too. the shields looks nice ,i would like them to be small at lv 40 and then slowly get bigger.i would like something else too .when you have nine fully upgraded cannons .these nine must be all the same ,the tenth cannon is a super cannon with 50% more power :-)
  • Marcel, Great job on all the versions. Thanks for including me on the beta site.
    Only played briefly but I like the new cannon ideas. Awaiting the final upgrades to see the full effect.
    As far as the shields go, I like the ability to identify what level the ants are but not the size of the shields. I think it makes the game look appealing to much younger age group. maybe with just color to identify them.
    pj1114 discussion room is good also.
    england idea is good also.
    keep up the good work ;-)
  • Hi Marcel, if you click at the very bottom edge of the grass anywhere left of the table cloth you get a popup which takes you to a page titled "" which cannot be displayed.
    Thanks for a great game! :-D
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    Marcel I think Antbuster is a great little game and when the new cannons are completed with the new graphics it will be even better. However I would like to make a few suggestions.

    First I think the shields are a welcome addition bringing alittle more novelty to the game but I think you made too many of them. Too many different ones it seems to make the game too childish, perhaps a just one medium sized shield for 10 levels before changing to a different design would be better.

    Second if you give the ants shields they should be of some benefit to the ants. I would suggest having the shield be worth 4% of the ants health at level 40 and rising 1% for every 10 levels. When the shield power is gone the shield dissapears.

    Last because the ants got shields the players should get some help to counteract them. I would like to suggest lowering the price of the first cannon to $20 and lowering the cost of all upgrades by 20%. These two changes would help new players get a little higher score by being able to buy more cannons and progress alittle farther in the game. For the better players the lower price will allow them to buy and up grade one more cannon than they could before. They would need the cannon to make up for the ant shields. If my estimates are correct the game play would be slightly faster and still end at about the same levels for experienced players as it does now.

    These are just suggestions and even if you do not use them I thank you for allowing me to be a beta tester.
  • I have a quick suggestion as well. In the "How to Play" instructional, I think you should suggest to (new) players to visit the forum for hints and tips. This is the first game I've played online that I really got into the forum. I think if you find a way to remind people of the forum, they would be more inclined to stick around. It helps them develope a game and in turn, assist others as well. Just a thought.
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    nice, you gave some love to the machine guns, they have a narrower spread now... happy times. going to have to test out all the guns to see what else you did.

    Bah, the poisoned ground bug is still in effect. That's where you can't build near a poison turret cause of all the corpses, or something similar to that. bottom line is you have to plant every turret you want to use near a turret before you upgrade it to a poison turret. I hope this bug doesn't extend to poison wasps too, that could be game breaking.

    Missles haven't seemed to change, they are still very efficient at low levels, rather useless after level 75. It's only asthetic, but I'd like to see the smoke trails left after every .3 seconds, not after x distance, so it looks more like acceleration with the distance between pufs increasing.

    Boomerangs are no longer haveing problems with the shots spawning off the map and dissappearing. that's a good improvement.

    Barriers are still not a deterant. they have no effect on ant movement once the ants get over 200 hp as they simply plough through.

    Impact cannons are still too expensive to keep them competative with snipers, quicks, missles, or electric 1's There's nothing wrong with damage, only cost is keeping them from competing.

    Electric 1's are fine, maybe a little expensive, but great bang for the buck. the problem comes with electric 2's. the damage and cost are great on 2's, but combined with the cost on electric 1'1's they can't keep up with the "good guns". The blowthrough does do a great job of equalizing the problem, but at the end game, you only care about the ant with the cake, and will get more cannons out of the good ones vs electric's, so there's no real compairison.

    Sonic cannons are still in the mostly useless class. Not enough damge for the buck, but still very nice for early levels.

    Quicks seem to be unchanged, still very cheap for what's got argueably the highest dps of any gun, only beaten out by the 1/3 ish dps of the snipers with 2.5x the range, so in general all your snipers can hit while only 1/3 to 1/2 of your wuicks can, and then only for half the time. Snipers still get my vote for best overall gun for getting to level 100+ the most reliably.
  • mild testing with the rest of the guns (not the wasp or cross bow) show no significant improvement, meaning they are still a waste of time.

    I've been playing with a more varried setup of machine guns near the hole, missles as a second line with 3 ice cannons scattered amongst the missles, and a couple wasp guns farther out in the middle of the map. It's a nice change, but still no match for 2 ice kinda close to the hole, and 9+ snipers in a tight cluster between the ice near the hole. The tigher packing of bullets with the machine guns helps out ALOT, and I'm very happy with the change. Missles are still on the mostly useless category, but are suppriseingly effective with the machine gun backup. The cheaper poison 2 makes it almost viable, but it really is limited in effect compaired to other guns, and the ground poisioning keeps me from wanting to use them early game for setup of other turrets when the poisoning is most effective. If you can fix the problem of building on poisoned spaces, it may do well to have apoison 2 tower with the machine guns, and a second one near the cake with the mg/rocket/wasp/ice defence.

    For testing, I'd love a pause button with a frame advance button so I could watch what some of the guns are really doing. I believe they lie. Missle 1's vor instance claim a damage of 10, but can one shot an ant with between 80 and 110 health, so I know that lies. Boomerangs also do way more than listed damage, and I can only guess that it means that's the damage per frame that the ant is in contact with either the missle explosion, or boomerang it's self. If the frame advance button isn't possible, a super slow motion (1/20th at least) would do in a pinch. (one frame per second minimum slowing, 2-3 seconds per frame would make it easier to see what's going on)

    I know it sounds like I'm dumping on you, and I really don't intend to insult this incredible game. Theese are simply the results of my use of the guns in paterns that I play with. Hopefully other testers will have the guts to either flame me (with why I'm wrong-I will be happy to know where and why I'm wrong) or to back up the comments that are correct.

    finally, the guns that do the best are the ones with synergies. Use of them means excluding other cannons that aren't vital (anything but ice) to maximize the synergy bonus. I've noticed none of the guns has a shots per second synergy, and was wondering if that's an oversight? It would also be nice to have synergies between weapons that are different to let you play around with combos other than ice/snipers and still put on a good attempt at 100+. Please do not have an end game, I love that you can't win. True, the ballance between guns isn't there, but the overall game ballance is great the way it is. Keep the turrets exponentially increasing in cost without a interest so that people can't reach a critical cash ballance where they can't start building like crazy and have a game board filled with guns.

    I know you're working on mazes, and I wish you luck on it. I don't know if you're adding walls we can buy for flat fees, or planning on reducing turrets to a flat cost, but whatever you choose, the origional antbuster weapons were "ballanced" for a specific style of play. when I can force ants through a gauntlet, that's going to drastically change what guns are valueable. ex. boomerangs are junk. but they always go clockwise, so if I ran ants from left to right down a straight path and put a boomerang under it, the number of frames the ant will be in contact with the boomerang increases significantly, so the damage goes way up. Guns like ice cannons can be set in the middle of a clover leaf so the ant with cake passess it several times getting slowed by one cannon for a very long time letting me set up monsterous synergy boosts with quicks as I don't have to waste 2 more turrets on more ice. (that 12 more dps per cannon, and 2 more that will be doing over 120 dps durring the level 90's). Ballance with mazes may require a complete reworking of existing turrets.

    Good luck, and I will be around more often now that I know there's a new ant buster comeing out.
  • Dominion why do you even bother to play this game. i mean you seam to dislike everything about it. You don`t like the cannons or their power levels , you don`t even like where you can place them, ( problems with the poisened ground ). They are not problems they are they way Marcel made the game. Now when Marcel want some wants some suggestions all you all doing is putting down the game.
  • to pj1114 hope that you feeling well ....did you do the math on the high score mate..i feel i must give a little add on about dominion and i will only say this he has said a lot about many things and i thank him for takeing the time to do so,;-)
  • Why do wasps even have a listed range?

    I don't see any kind of limitation based on range. Theya re perfetly happy to go chargeing accrost the screen to kill ants well out of range. They don't seem to do any more damge if they are within range vs outside of it. I see no purpose for range with the wasps as is.

    Has anyone noticed any benefits for wasp tower placement other than as a means to funnel wasps into a better killing zone?
  • Bom dia Marcel, tudo bem? Quero agradecer por me dar a honra de testar esta nova vers
  • Sabe, de um modo geral eu vejo que os jogadores reclamam por o jogo n
  • hi
    love the new wasp cannons and the new design for the dashboard thingy is a welcome change to the boring grey one.
    alll in all exelent progress!!!

    wish i had more time;-)
  • I know I posted about missles broken recently elsewhere, but that was for the public one. Missles still seem to be broken here too.

    Missle 1's do about 80 damage a hit while missle 2's do about 90. damage listed for missle 1's is 16, damage listed for 2's is 36, so missle 2's should be doing slightly over twice what missle 1's do.
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    never mind, had a brain fart. delete this post.

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