Who is a cheatin'?

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hey, I started playing yesterday. my kind of game but infuriating. can....... not........ stop........ killing...... ants! worked my way in to the group 'Canada' #3 slot
What is up with this no cheaters group? Are you trying to tell me all those crazy high scores are from cheats!?! the nerve!


  • to schmirk its no nerve :-(any score above 35k is defo a cheat score.
  • Pardon? I abhor cheaters. So there is no way of knowing on the charts who is excelling and who is cheating? No script within the game that flags certain scores?
  • there has been much talk on this in the past.one thing which is for sure any score above 35k is a cheat post my own view is 34k.some CHEAT posted scores you may see from time to time says something like rejected or a word like that....marcel stoppes some cheat postings
  • Not that I know anything about programming but I wouldnt want to try keeping track of cheat scores in person. Might be some way for the program itself to create a 'clean'/cheat' signature. Any posts without a 'clean' flag can automatically get the boot..... and maybe a visit in the night - ha ha ha :-D~ "Hey buddy, wake up! We heard you've been cheating on Antbuster...."
  • thats almost funny .i started the group no cheats.:-(
  • That last comment was not aimed at you! It was a joke about how to handle cheaters once we track them down. I have read around and seen your posts regarding the no cheats group. I have one question though- you are not posting scores in the 'no cheats' group. I see you ruling over England in the charts.
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    ok great joke.........my name here on antbuster is englandno1,so i like to be just that.NO 1;-)the other reason iam not posting to no cheats group at the moment is, we need more players in group no cheats .if i post enough scores to the england group no one else will able to post there scores it will be full of mine ..so perhaps they will start posting to my group instead:-)
  • just make sure you dont post in Canada! I'm a contender for the top with my low 20k scores.:-) Actually, the Canada and No Cheats groups are very close in the ranking and have been climbing. I think my games alone are enough to keep Canada just ahead of y'all.;-)
  • you might make it to 30k if you put 9 snipers and two ice at the cake.........snipers need to be in the middle 3x3 and the ice should be one each side.no ant on its own can get past the ice that way;-)
  • I have heard your advice a couple times about surrounding the cake instead of the ant hill. Since my efforts with numerous strategies at the hill have failed to produce competitive scores I guess I will try your method..... NOW THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN OVER THE TOP SPOT ON GROUP 'CANADA'!:-O
    ha ha ha, very funny indeed.
    :-(|) <---you.
    I was wondering why Canada suddenly climbed up in the groups. I havent been playing THAT much.... ok ok, I have.
  • HI SCHMIRK i hope your game goes well ,even if canons are not quite in the wright spot you can still exspect to reach 25k:-)i give you as i have given to others my best setup ........so any chance you might post a few scores to no cheats in return:-)
  • england, you don't have to cheat to come to 35k+
    but you have to test some other setups. with that tactic you get (i don't know how you get that high but) 30k and maybe you get 31k some time but you will never get a 38k score if you play like that ;-)
  • havent seen england on in over amonth hope he is alright;-)
  • if you look at his profile he hasnt been on since may 3rd, almsot 3months :-|
  • :`(i did the same but have not tried to e-mail him:`(
  • i took a break of 10 month but now i am back, maybe he does the same. the bad thing is that these 38k scores take over 10 hours time :-| so i have to stop at 35k because i have no internet too late -.- i want to be #1 :-D
  • 38k scores only take a few mins, cause they're cheat scores
  • no for me they take over 10 hours. started at 12h and it was on 36k when it was 21h30
  • if the best score in general ranking isn't a cheat then it took a few days. 38488 and level 200!! :-|
  • It's a cheat, at around lvl145 ants have around 300,000 energy. Even with 100+ cannons it becomes hard to kill them, at lvl200 they'd prob have close to 1m energy, or even more. it'd be completely impossible to kill the ant without it getting the cake. And if you say it is possible to do without cheating, pls, teach us how too!
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    i just had bad luck. 3 ants nearly dead. lvl 95, 101 and 107 with 38296 points, the 107 died first and 101 had 400 energy left and i had to end game with only 38403 points. would be great if it was the 95 that died then i would have 38498...but these china guys got more than 38500 i think
    Last Matches
    # Name Group Level Points
    1 kkk china 88 * INVALID *
    2 gill Devondevil 80 18179
    3 GaoYajin china 200 * INVALID *
    4 Ztenod 48 6721
    5 GaoYajin china 212 * INVALID *


    dj releit, an other german player told me a year before how to get these scores in a normal game without cheating and he said that i shouldn't tell everyone how to do it because maybe everyone will play like that and it wouldn't be fun than with only 38k scores. but the chance to get these good games aren't high. that's why i have many 10k- point games. maybe i would tell you how if you would be german but you are in an other group :-D~
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    This game should be upgraded.;-)
  • gao, how long does it take for you to get to level 200+?

    mike, you won't do this...
  • i guess everyone over level 200 is cheating. some one call himself a cheater and gets to 277. omg this isn't possible. btw, my scores aren't done with cheats
  • lvl 277. if 1 ant goes to lvl 277 you got 38270 points with it so every other ant together got only a bit more than 200. marcel should delete these scores
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    sorry! All level 200+ that I got is cheating. level 200 ant have more than half billion hp.
    My friend has cracked this game, we got the missile with more than ten million damage.
    But we still can't got score just at 38499.
    So I wrote a program to post the score directly without playing the game.

    BTW: my another friend have found a bug, and also can get level 200+. But it will take a long long time.
  • i could get to lvl 200 without cheats or programs too but it would take ages and i would get a score like 100k and not only 38k.

    are your other 38k scores also cheats? or did you get them in a normal game? your scores should get removed then i would have more than 1 score in top 5 again...:-|
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    All level 200 and 200+ are cheating, the other 38K at level 119 or 120 are not cheating. Rank#1,Rank#2,Rank#3,Rank#4,Rank#6 should be removed.

    My best score is 38473 without any cheating or bug or program.

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