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I made this forum to discuss about online games, mainly the games that i developed. This games may be found in the RStein.org site.

I wish that we have a lot of discussions about updates, hints, strategies, bugs and other things about the games posted here.

The participation of all to make of this a healthful community for exchange informations of the most diverse games is very important.

Let's go!! :)


  • I better workaround with the Groups in antbuster and maybe a group forum for people to discuss their secret group tactics for world domination.
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    yah, maybe allow people to create private rooms for their groups, or just friends to talk without post from people they dont want posting in that disscussion. And to keep them out a password would be issued throgh PMs that would be left up to the disscussion creater of course.
    Great ideas crude i also think they should be.
  • maybe diffrent ranks in groups given out by the first person to join/make the group. Kinda liket he guild system in maple story
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    ok, so I played a few games of the others listed on RStein.org. Ant buster is deffinately my faveorite. The elemental defence games (the circle one and the other one) are fairly booring. Much better graphics, but the lack of any real strategy makes them fall apart fairly fast. (I'll explain why there's no strategy options later on). The sesktop one has the ability to plant turrets next to eachother, and this lets you funnel all the targets into one killing corridor that you can zig zag back and forth for eppic scores. (so long as you always leave at least one path to the end) This funneling ability makes it so you can spiral them in and out of a large circle (think yin/yang where you swirl it a few times so they make 2 counter clockwise circles to the center, then reverse and go 2 clockwise back through the same turrets). This is a very fun update/build, but you lack the upgrade options within the turrets. (yes, they do upgrade, but you don't have options on what part of the turret to upgrade-speed/rate of fire/damage/range....)

    Combineing the Desktop turret placement rules with antbuster's weapon upgrade options will make for a great game.

    The elemental games lack any strategy simply because it's all a matter of simple math. the only question to ask is do I get more damage from a new tower, or upgradeing an existing one. It gets a little more complicated when you figure in ranges at corners vs sides, but there's still no real strategy.
  • yah i find that too with the elemental games. haven't played desktop game.
  • That desktop defence game is growing on me quickly. The options you get for funneling targets with makeing mazes out of cheap turrets for optimized kill zones is sweet.
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    When i try to go there no game shows up. i can't find a game. Maybe justa glitch yesterday i'll try again now i'll edit if it works.
    Nope try to give me a link so i can try it sounds pretty good
  • i quite like it . here's a link:

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