Best set-up, maxed lvl

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I used cheat engine to get neg money on cannons, and built 111of them, 10ice, rest quickcannons. got a total dps of over 600/cannon, and played as far as i could (lvl145) was going for 150, but ants were gaining 10-15k+ energy/lvl, which is extremly ridiculus!, well, heres a few screen shots :)


  • how did you make it with cheat engine?
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    definatly not by googling anything :). but you could, just google "cheat engine tutorials", "how to hack antbuster with cheat engine", or other similar searchs.

    why the neg point?
  • hi, at which price level did you search for it? every time i found more than 200 adresses
    what did you change to get the negative ammount?
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    not going to teach anyone how to use it. but if you really wanna know, go google it, really isn't that hard, and is a lot easier than trying to ask me.

    and if you think that your going to use cheat engine to cheat, and get into the top rankings, your not! Marcel found a way to make your scores go invalid when you post a cheat engine score, so if your gonna cheat for points, don't even bother. Only reason i said as much about it as i did was cause he blocked it, or else i wouldn't've told you so you can't cheat. :-)
  • try it with only flame tower :)
  • no thanks, ants will go super fast and you'll die way faster, with synergy quick cannons have a much higher dps than flame cannons, and with ice slow them down, not speed them up
  • try it. they speed up to 2 inch/sec but they will have huge damage speed and range
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    not as much as a quick cannon, with quicks and 90or so of them you can get to around 600dps/cannon, flames only get .5 extra damage from synergy with base of 2damage, so you get 47damage with 90of them, at 12/sec, so you get 564dps, just under what you get with quicks/ice combo, so you get about the same dps but the ants go 8x the speed. not worth it trying them, since with ice2 ants go at .3inch/sec, and with flame i have seen them as high as 2.4inch/sec. so, you get the same damage being done, but you only get 1/8 the amount of time to kill the ants!
  • 108 flame tower so you get the bonus 107 times

    frequency: 12 shots/sec
    speed: 5 + 0,5 x 107 = 58,5
    range: 75 + 5 x 107 = 610
    damage: 2 + 0.5 x 107 = 55,5
    dps: 12 x 55,5 = 666

    666 dps from every tower. 666 x 108 = 71928

    because everyone can shoot (610 range) they get 71928 dps together. your quicks won't hit all together and it doesn't matter if the ants be meatshield next to the cake because flame shoot through them. bad thing is that they accelerate to 2 inch/sec but you really should try it ;-)
  • completely forgot about the range bonus on flames. might try it in a bit with 10-20ices to keep the ants slowed down some and see how it works out. :)
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    Just finished a game with flame cannons, had 95flames and 13ice, got to 50,833 points at lvl132. for some reason, (i think all the flames) it slowed my computer down a ton:-|, i could barely get an ant targeted before it got halfway across the screen! if it didn't slow it down a ton, could have got a better score though.:-)

    Would've put a screenshot but just missed getting it :(

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