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Synergy Bonuses

edited December 2010 in Antbuster Web Game
I just finished collected ALL the synergy bonuses for ALL of the turrets.
I wasn't thinking though and didn't record the other values of the turrets so I guess eventually I'll do that,and maybe even make a chart...

But for now here you go,tell me what you guys think:

Heavy>Double Heavy>Double Heavy II>Double Heavy III(+.5 dmg)
Heavy>Double Heavy>Sonic Pulse>Sonic Pulse II(+1 dmg)

Heavy>Heavy II>Heavy III>Heavy IV
Heavy>Heavy II>Missle>Missle II

Heavy>Impact>Impact II(+1 dmg)>Impact III(+3 dmg)
Heavy>Impact>Ice>Ice II

Quick>Quick II>Quick III(+1 spd)>Quick IV(+1 spd,+1 dmg)
Quick>Quick II>Flame(+.5 spd,+5 range)>Flame II(+.5 spd,+5 range,+.5 dmg)

Quick>Sniper>Sniper II>Sniper III(+5 range)
Quick>Sniper>Laser>Laser II

Quick>Long Range>Long Range II(+10 range)>Long Range III(+10 range,+1 spd)
Quick>Long Range>Electric(+1 dmg)>Electric II(+2 dmg)

Double>Double II>Double III>Double IV
Double>Double II>Boomerang>Boomerang II

Double>Double Quick>Double Quick II>Double Quick III(+5 range)
Double>Double Quick>Machine>Machine II(+.5 spd)

Double>Triple>Triple II>Triple III(+1 dmg)
Double>Triple>Triple II>Poison>Poison II

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