Long Range Cannon

Ok so I've been thinking about the long range cannon compared to the Sniper...

Stats(PLEASE correct me if there are any errors)
Sniper Stats
Frequency-4.8 shots/second

Long Range Cannon
Frequency-3 shots/second

So we can say
57.6 Damage/Second
Across a range of 150

Long Range
36 Damage/Second
Across a range of 180

Heres the thing though,the bonuses...

In the average game I get about 8 turrets,with 2 being ice..
So lets do with the bonuses:
6 Long Ranges:

Frequency-3 shots/second
Speed-10+(6 x 1)=16
Range-180+(6 x 10)=240

With 240 Range the long range cannons quite literally cover the entire field if they are near the center...Problem is it's difficult to get to this point,I am trying though,and I think I may be able to make it farther with them than with snipers!


  • the sniper's range increases withn each added cannon so the sniper can cover the whole field when it gets to about 7 cannons;-)
  • Not quite,the sniper can cover about 2/3rds but I have pretty much given up on the long range,if you could get to 8 cannons then it MAY be better than the sniper,but it is simply too hard to get that many.
    And has the forum died?It used to have posts all the time but now it seems like they are few and far between...
  • englandno1 has not been on the sight in over a month and with him the forum is very quiet. dont know what happened to him.:`(
  • Kinda sux,I'm sure the game and forum will jump back to life when 1.3 comes out,I just wish I had a date to look forward too :P
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    I use Long Range cannons all the time. You can get a really high score with them but it is hard to get set up. If you can get 8 maxed out LR cannons set up you're in there like swim wear. My highest with them is lvl 95 I believe. One thing about LR's is they get a distance bonus at LR2 and a speed/distance bonus at LR3. So if you get a bunch of LR2's set up and you start upgrading them to LR3 you lose distance on your LR2's. Best way I have found is play LR's just like snipers and be smart with your aim. If you can ever manage to get 7-8 LR3's set up the only thing that will stop you is the insane fodder the ants produce at times.:-)
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    I busted out a round with LR's and got to lvl 90 first try :-(|) If the ants cooperate you could get to lvl 100+ surely.

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    used cheat engine to get a bunch of cannons and get to lvl75, destroyed them all and built 10long rangers w/ 2ice, more cannons then oyu could get in an actual game, jsut to test how good the long-rang cannons can be if you could get them. so took a video of them shooting a lvl85 ant. i highly doubt you could get better than snippers with them, unless you had a really good set of ants :)

    I hope the video works :-|

    Edit: video wouldnt upload on here due to being to big to be allowed, will take some screen shots from the video and try to do those instead :-)
  • the last picture, and most important
    ab4.png 347.4K
  • great pic s i have got to level 95 with snipers and ice but not in a long time and have never been able to get screen pics up:-(
  • I knew the long ranges had potential!
    I think with more tweaks we can make it farther than snipers,just gotta figure out the perfect set-up...
  • It would be hard,definetly lol.

    Oh and on a side not I'm working on a tech tree with the synergy bonuses of the turrets,I never can seem to find one so I'll have it posted soon,just gotta do the quicks and the flamethrower and it will be done :D
  • I've done extensive testing of long range cannons in basically the same configuration shown in the past, and found that while one of my many games got me to the upper 90's, it's NOT a good weapon despite the amazeing range. Here's why:

    Ice cannons. :) :) :)

    I'd suggest you stop here and think about why ice cannons are what's wrong with useing long range over snipers.

    But then almost no one listens to me, so here goes:

    While it's true long range cannons (at about 6 of them) can reach from hole to cake, the ice cannons have limited range. The slowing effect of the ice cannons wears off before the ants get out of range of the SNIPER cannons mostly wasteing the bonus you'd get from the longer range meaning either use 4 ice cannons (2 at cake, 2 at the hole) to keep the ants frozen, or more easily done, 3 diagionally accrost the center OR go back to hole, or cake defence with snipers and get significantly more damage for the duration the ants are in range of them.

    If you figure in the reduced time the ants spend in the extended range of the long range guns, it's rather obvious why they are not better than snipers. Reduceing the number of damaging cannons to field another ice or two only amplifies the dps descrepancy.

    For those that do insist on figureing out a use for long range cannons, dropping a missle launcher either near the hole, or near the cake (use one of the 2 ice cannon slots you will eventually ahve so you aren't re building) and use it's killing power to get out 3-4 long range cannons before reduceing your missle launcher back down to heavy 1, then up to ice. (do not remove the turret, only downgrade it, this will mean you waste roughly 400 bucks on a much easier way to legally set up the long range cannnons)

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