Long Range + Ica Challenge

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I'd like to challenge everyone to see how far they can get using only Ice and Long Range Cannons,You must attach a screenshot to your post,"fish stories" will not be allowed.

There is nor prize I can offer,but there is the pride of knowing you won :D


  • I've gotten to 66 on my current run,I've got one peice of cake left,I could probably grind my way to 70 but I'm tired so I'm calling it quits,however with some tweaks I think I might be able to make it to 80+

    The thing to overcome is the speed issue,they miss alot early on...
    IF I can figure out a way to get enough to overcome this then they would be far better than snipers,they do more damage and if you get 5 going they can practically see the entire map.
  • Jordan:

    1. snipers and long range do the same damage per shot.

    2. snipers shoot faster.

    3. parts 1 and 2 show beyond any shadow of a doubt that snipers, not long range do more damge.

    I can only hope what you meant to say was that with the extra range of long range cannons, they do more damage. (which is also wrong, but way less obvious).

    To start with, the range bonus is roughly 20%, increasing to 35% more range at 8 offensive cannons (or 10 built). since we're dealing with raw dps, we can say that spending 35% more time in range = 35% more damage. (misleading, but I'll explain later). Going form a per cannon point of view, snipers do 60% more damge becasue they fire 60% faster. Both cannons do 12 damage per hit. From that it's already safe to assume 160% increase in damage is better than 135% increase (and that 135 is if you can survive long enough to plant 10 total towers useing long range). We can compound the difference though because by the end game, (when you have out alot of cannons) the ants are unfreezing before getting out of range most of the time on just the snipers meaning the time spent in range of both cannos, the ants are moving slower, while the time spent outside the range of snipers, but still in long range damage range, the ants will be moving faster by up to 3x the speed (carrying cake, we don't care about empty ants). So take that 35% bonus long range cannons get, and cut it in half (sonce sometimes the ants are still frozen, sometimes they aren't) instead of cutting it in thirds to get th actual increase in damge of only 10%.

    MY math brain doesn't always work, but 160% is better than 117.5% on most days.

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