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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum but have been playing Ant Buster for quite awhile now. I don't cheat because, well, what's the point? It's just a fun game and an enjoyable way to pass some time. In any case, I have been reading some of the discussions on strategies, what are the best weapons to deploy, etc., and I have come to my own conclusions after trying various methods and combinations. I strongly believe in the following:

I support the primary hole defense, minimal cake defense startegy. By strongly defending the hole, you make the ants pass you twice, coming out and then going back in with cake.

1) Use a single ice cannon near the hole, and also one near the cake. It's best to slow these suckers down so other weapons can blast em. However, I don't like to use multiple ice cannons since they have little destructive force.
2) I prefer to use a single poison spray near the hole. It helps destroy ants quite easily at earlier levels (allowing me to build up other force) and once upgraded, the spray helps to whittle away ants power and disorient them a bit, causing them to often take some strange, more time consuming paths when they return with slices of cake and make them easier to destroy.
3) Other than that, I only use missle launchers. Though they are slow to fire, they are able to target cake-carrying ants, and they carry the greatest destructive power which becomes much needed at higher levels. Missle launchers don't miss their targets, unless their missles are blocked by other ants who happen to get in the way.

I have tried all other weapons in various combinations and note that they often shoot behind their targets, even with ants that have been significantly slowed by the ice cannons, or have other major shortcomings, usually lack of destructive power. These have all been quite frustrating and in the end, ineffective.

I usually try to attain 11 or 12 total cannons in my defense. As for which ants I will choose to target, this depends, but usually it will be the cake bearers who are closest to reaching the hole (obvious) or the highest powered ant on the board. However, if I am nearing a money level where I can purchse another needed cannon, I may target lower powered ants to help achieve the needed money to buy the additional cannon and deploy it more quickly.

I attach a screen shot from one of my more recent games where I reached level 104. My all time high is level 105.

I hope this message is of interest and some help to those of you who may not have tried these strategies yet and are eager to improve your scores.



  • I was able to reach Level 105 (my all-time high) with the following setup which I discuss above.

    Good hunting!
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    I don't know why but no matter how many successful layouts I've been seeing I never copy is that normal because I realy get side tracked
  • I was able to reach Level 100 with the following setup which included 3 fully upgraded sniper cannons. I still strongly recommend a primary hole defense.
  • Do you know what's screwed up? I was playing a hacked version of this game (offline) with around 40 missile and ice towers, and I still died before you.
  • I tried a money hack version of Antbuster last year and didn't really enjoy it. I was able to deploy a whole bunch of cannons but still didn't do all that well. I enjoy this regular version with no cheats much more, but that's just my personal preference of course.
  • Well, I was able to reach Level 101 with a more spread out defense as per the setup below. There is a fully upgraded missle launcher at the upper right section of the "cake blanket" that is cut off in the image. I was close to a money level where I might have been able to upgrade my cake blanket poison spray but didn't quite get there. If I had, I might have done much better.
  • This will be my last posting for a while since I believe I've made a pretty good case for missile launcher, poison spray and ice cannon defenses. I made it to Level 102 with a split defense (hole and cake) as per the setup below. Once again, there is a fully upgraded missile launcher at the upper right section of the "cake blanket" that is cut off in the image. So, in total here, I deployed two fully upgraded poison sprays, two fully upgraded ice cannons and 7 fully upgraded missile launchers. I thought I was going to do better with this setup but the final ant managed to elude my cake blanket ice cannon, and wasn't damaged enough down below. It sped up to the hole and plowed through my final defences to end the game. Oh well, not bad.

    I would like to hear about strategies others use to achieve some of the other very high scores I regularly see in the rankings. My personal best is now Level 107.

    Thanks and have fun!
  • try to improve this one...
    12.jpg 139.2K
  • i go with mah flow. dont play much. around 80 best for me
    usualy get 64ish0:-)
  • First up, thanks to the OP for giving me an idea that finally got me past the magic 100 mark.

    I've tried snipers and ice of course, and just about everything else, but never managed to get past the low 90's. This game seems to have a mind of its own and what works for some people doesn't seem to work for others. Them ants are tricky critters.

    Anyway................I did do things a bit differently to kchiggins. To get my best result, I used a primary defence at the cake instead of at the hole. I tried primary defence at the hole, but found it wasn't as effective for me.

    I do find it handy to keep one ice cannon and a missile launcher back at the hole. This ice cannon must be fully upgraded fairly early, otherwise it wont have the range and stopping power to do any good. With this in place, most ants will get iced coming out of the hole, which means I have very few speedy ants to deal with.

    I also find that if I don't have two ice cannons at the cake, to get full coverage, some pesky ant will scoot past without getting iced. If I'm down to the last piece of cake that usually means game over. I find the extra ice cannon makes up for the loss of hitting power by ensuring all the ants are moving slow enough to get pounded. These two do not need to be upgraded until fairly late. I got my highest level with only one upgraded.

    I put one poison spray (fully upgraded) between the two ice cannons to give full coverage of the table. The rest is all missile launchers, as shown in the pic. The setup got me to Lvl 101, and I think it has the potential to go a bit higher than that. Going higher would involve a bit of luck though, due to the random nature of the game (ie: you can't predict blocking, etc).

    Oh and in case anyone is wondering, an echidna is an Australian anteater. :-D~

  • Just had another go at it. No hole defence at all this time. I still went down at Lvl 101, but I spent a few too many seconds trying to nail the highest level ant a couple of times, and let the one with the cake get too far out before finishing it off.

    I think this arrangement might be the best one. I thought about area coverage and hitting power, etc and this seems to make the most sense to me. The two upgraded ice towers are still adequate for stopping all the ants in their tracks, as long as you're onto changing the target ant in a hurry.

    Will have another go at this setup when I can be bothered. :-)
  • Interesting strategy Darth. I had tried someting similar and fell somewhere around Level 80. Not bad, but not great either. So, I tend to agree with your well-spoken general comments, those being, different for different users.

    I can vouch for that, there are times when the set ups I use (as per the above) don't work at all! It's a fun game though and I enjoy it now and then.

    Thanks for your share!

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