possibly improved sniper setup



  • I've been trying multiple setups, and forgive me I'm new, but I'd just like some advice on one thing that's always kind of screwing me over. When you guys are doing these sniper setups, how do you overcome the blocking issue that comes with snipers, or missals for that matter?
  • Lol, not the answer I was hoping for, but I guess I'll keeping fighting through it, and hoping that the pathing of the ants helps me out when I need it.
  • I think only rocket launchers 2 ice cannons and poison can stop ants on high lvls, because snipers, long, quick and other cannons haven`t got damage like launchers and poison, but we cant use many poison cannons because 2000 is too expensive. Sorry for my English it isn`t good, but I think you can understand it :)
  • :-)i like the idea thanks;-)
  • edited April 2012
    tanknbp, and anyone else falling for it....

    1. missile 1's and missile 2's do EXACTLY the same damage, missile 2's just have a little more range. (sometimes a very good thing, but still never worth it compared to other weapons).

    2. Missile's have some of the lowest damage per second in the game. Yes, they hit hard, but they attack so slow...

    3. Technically, impact cannons have the highest dps because of the synergy bonuses, but they have such a short range they aren't effective.

    4. Technically, machine guns, flamers and quick cannons tie for second best dps, but they also lack the range needed for a proper defense, so you can't get them all covering either the cake, or the hole.

    5. Next we have snipers for damage per second. While it's not real high on the list, synergy increases their range and shot speed. It doesn't actually raise the DPS, but it does increase the time ants are in range increasing damage that way, and more importantly, it lets ALL of the snipers hit the same ant making them absolute kings of the single target damage. None of the other higher single weapon dps guns can concentrate fire so effectively. with all of the previous guns, they have to spread out to cover either the cake or the hole, and you'll never have more than half of them in range of the ant that needs to die cutting their effectiveness in half.

    6. Poison has a super low dps, but it and missiles do have one advantage over snipers and that's in area effect attacks.

    7.Some people claim missiles are great because they home in on targets. Sniper shots only miss if an ant gets in the way of the target, the bullets move too fast, so that's not a valid argument for missiles.

    8. In case you need it spelled out, poison and missiles suck. do not use them unless you are just trying to get as high as possible with inferior weapons.

    9. always use 2-3 ice cannons with any defense. 2 for hole defense, 3 for cake defense. you can get away with only 2, but 3 works a lot better for cake defense.

    10. Finally, the synergy bonus for snipers outweighs the bonus you'd get for using a third weapon type (either missiles or poison) so if you are thinking about planting a poison tower at the hole, the cake or both, don't. Poison is only great till about level 60, then the ants simply have too much health for it to matter. go for the extra range and shot speed from more synergy with the snipers.

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