Score lost

Hi Everybody, and hi Marcel,

I was wondering if anybody could tell me how it comes that a very high score of spooky74 is not submitted.
Yesterday he was playing antbuster and when he was playing the ants kept getting stuck in a corner. He reached level 132 this way with almost 50000 points. He submitted his score, but it seems to have just been lost or deleted or something.

He played without cheating. Is there a way that his score can still be submitted?




  • try going to contact at the main menu:-)
  • Hi Shatter, thanks. I'm going to try that. :-). By the way, no cheats is still hanging in there :-). I've been way to busy to play a lot of antbuster, but still Earth isn't out of the list, so we're still not doing so bad :-D.
  • If I remember correctly, It's been awhile since I've played, any scores about 38,500 will not be submitted whether a cheat or not. I believe this was put in place to prevent cheaters from overwhelming the scoreboards. Also there is no way around it, sorry.
  • Hi Mikeall, thanks.

    I thought it could be something like that. It's a good thing to remember next time the ants get stuck in a corner...
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