lV 321 So Terrible


  • edited December 2007
    i know i saw that one it is oviously a hax. This guy should be banned. Make all scores from his I.P gone. Expecially because he was getting that everyday before. Guess he thought we caught on.
  • That asshole i try so hard to get to the rankings and in 2games he gets high up on them i'll get him yet
  • he is probably using a bot that lets him get that high cuz all scores are the same, therefore the bot must be affecting how the ants move, therefore he is doing the worst form of cheating ever!!! Changing the game!!!!!
  • yah. I'm goign to kick his ass. Just watch my awesome legit skill defeat him. just watch.
  • someone else now JACK he got lvl218 for taiwan.
  • Sumi, is the only thing you enjoy spamming up our discussions
    You're saying you'll kick this guys ass and frankly theres no way you're going too beat him with no cheats and if you use cheats you'll be as bad as this Cheating Arsehole.

    Post more logically in the future and stop posting two comments in a row. For all of us in the disccusions
  • i didnt actully dominion whispered me.
    and 2distinct thoughts on two distinct occasions should not be grouped.
    stop flaming me. It makes you look bad frankly. All of you older people flaming a child. haha i shouldn't comment back flame. Now theres an idea. And lewis shut it^^ i can beat him, because of a thing called D-E-T-E-R-M-A-N-A-T-I-O-N (ignore the spelling errors if any) with that any thing is possible oviously you don't read material above comic books. I read studys and collage essays on the workings of the human brain, the powers of suggestion, and the ablility of intellagence if unlocked to it's full capacity. So with my mind i can controll all of my emotions and abilitys through suggestion. Therefore making a non-stop AB binge perfectly resanable and then getting a high group to elliminate theres. Don't mess with me. It may take time i have factored that and relise that it is posible. Wait and the stratigist group will be in the high ranks, closing in on the hacked groups.

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