Which Group to join

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Finally figured out how to get my score posted( disabled pop up blocker), now the question is which group to join. Any interest of starting a group of forum participants(Forum Talkers)?


  • Well i have 1 group i like to keep to people that can controverse. Like forum convo or real convo so that skill can be retained inside amd to create a healthy enviroment for the group, because i think with one morale is higher. I do have a few rules you can check those out right here http://rstein.org/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=36&page=1#Item_4 if you feel like joining and you agree to these rules please feel free to post score under the stratigist name. If you want to join but you see something in the rules you don't quite agree with. Just post what it is, i will try to make it good for every one. ^^
  • join Colorado i need a new member
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