how i defeated this game

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i have totally defeated this game

following is my explain, used chinese big5 font type:



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    Would you mind translateing that to english please?

    you have a score of:63,510
    The flamer upgrades cost:32,175
    The base cannons cost:25,792
    Your cash on hand is:2,620

    so, there's a missing 2,923

    What did you build besides the flamers shown in your posted immage?

    Did you start out with some higher level quick cannons to get enough cash to build a couple upgraded flamers then sell down? Were ice turrets involved?
  • hmm...i'm working on trying to figure out how he did it. (gives me something to do) so far the best i did was by following your idea dominion almost perfectly (i didnt save enough money to make it work right). i'll try again later and when i figure it out (if i do) i'll post again with an image (if i figure out how to do that right lol).
  • He did it with this.

    This is the real, "I beat the game" thread.
  • oh lol nice. btw i've had that glitch b4. lol makes sense to since everything i've tried doesnt get anywhere.
  • yeah, but you technically didn't beat the game, just found a glitch and used it to get to level 1000's
  • if what private says is true that blah blah blah thing he hacked, that is a money hack! on 1.1 though so im not worried. If you come to 1.2b and use that crap however. and then get your score posted i get you banned
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