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joining a group

edited October 2007 in Antbuster Web Game
new at this - how do you join a group


  • I don't think you actually have to 'join'. It is anarchistic - you simply type in the name of the Group you want to be part of when you submit your score. If you then do a search under the name of the Group you will see you ranking within that Group.
  • no, actually, you'll just be under newest games for five seconds, then be lost forever, except mybe your head/computer or some freak that is recording all the games, unless you have a high score
  • I think you just team up with someone you kow or ho is good at the game, make a group and record your own scores, I've never known any other way
  • ...but you will not have any of the high scores, as if the other guy(s) is really that good, (s)he will have the highscores. there really isn't much of an other way.
  • edited December 2007
    just type the name of a group you want to join when you submit your score like prunus said is what i did and i started the Stratigist group join it if you want i don't care for high scores lol.
  • lol i joined 16minutes ago haha learned this on my own, while playing the game. whoops 17min now hahazxz
  • You should join Rush.
  • edited February 2008
    ya join Stratigist
  • There should be a section with a list of all the names in a group and their best scores, highest lvls, # of times played, average score, etc. so you can see how you stack up against the other in you group. There should also be a total of points for that group, total number of games played, average scores and levels, and the player that started the group(first person to submit score under that group)
  • i have one kinda like that not all that stuff though XD

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