Is there a formula to achieve level 100??


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    There is not a set formula to achieve level 100.
    Lvl 100+ can be achieved by a combi of strategy, skills and luck.
    However there is a formula to achieve at least a garantied lvl 95, game after game, using 8 sniper-III's and 3 ice-II's.

    A- Important is to use the ice-II's to box/freeze any free ants near the pie, and isolate them from pie-ants returning to the anthill. This is the key to any 95-100+ games, to have at all times a clear shooting range at the pie-ants. Ants tend to approach using the edges of the map, hence hitting the ice-II's, but on their return they want to a) avoid the ice-II's and b) take the shortest way home.

    B- Also important, and very difficult to achieve (but if you succeed, the award is a 100+ lvl, though) is to target the free ants in such a way that each last-pie stealing ant only recharges to 60% of its hitpoints.

    C- Skills and tactics start to be important when you only have 1 piece of pie left. Be sure to know where the top-level ant is hanging around. You don't want this ant to steal the pie, as it is hard to kill. So whenever hitting the pie-ant is not urgent, focus on the top-level ant. Kill it if you can, while avoiding collateral damage to the other ants. Remeber that each ant killed will be replaced by an ant 1 level higher.

    D- You will find that the sniper-III's are at least 8 units from any map edge. To me, this proved to be the best way to exploit the range-bonus of the sniper-III's in the 80+ phase of the game, without losing control on which ant should be allowed to steal the last piece of pie (as mentioned above). Beginners tend to start building turrets close to either the pie or the hill, but later on in the game this strategy undermines the effective output of the snipers and will not get you beyond lvl 85.

    E- configuration: see the attached picture. Other configurations will also do.

    At last: why snipers-III's, rather than any other guns?

    1- The 16-speed garantues a 100% hit at 1 inch/sec.
    2- Not too expensive
    3- Range increases 5 with each extra sniper, meaning (theoretically)
    2nd sniper-III: 2 x 6,5% = 13% more effectiveness (155^2/150^2=1,065)
    3rd sniper-III: 3 x 13,8% = 40% more effectiveness (160^2/150^2=1,138 )
    4th sniper-III: 4 x 21,0% = 84% more effectiveness overall and so on and so on.
    This increase in performance is due to the extra groundcoverage, multiplied by the power 2.
    Ofcourse much of the extra range falls beyond the edge of the map, so practically the increase of output will prove to be less than calculated above, but still.... Also this is why you don't want to put sniper-III's closer than 8 units to the edge, indeed, to maximize the increase of output, the synergy of the sniper-III's.

    Okay, here's my favorite configuration, though I am interested in still better config's.

    The map measures 25x20 units.
    Unit (24,19) = anthill, unit (2,2) = pie

    01- put 3 turrets at (10,4) (4,8 ) and (8,8 )
    02- upgrade (8,8 ) to sniper-I
    03- upgrade (10,4) and (4,8 ) to impact-I. This is a critical phase, because of the weak flanks.
    04- upgrade (8,8 ) to sniper-II
    05- put turrets at (12,8 ) and (8,12) and upgrade to sniper-I
    06- upgrade (8,8 ) to sniper-III, put turret at (10,10)
    07- upgrade (depending on ants' behaviour) either (10,4) or (4,8 ) to ice-I
    08- build and upgrade (10,8 ),(8,10) and (10,10) to sniper-II's and sniper-III's.
    09- upgrade ice-I's to ice-II's (...yawn...) Don't bother to loose a half of your pie.
    10- as you go, build and/or upgrade 4 snipers-III's and 1 ice-II near the anthill as well (see picture)

    You should be around lvl 85-90 by now. Depending on your skills and luck you should be able to build 2 more sniper-III's at the center of the map. Level 95 can be reached in 100% of your games, lvl 95-100 sometimes, once in a while even higher.

    Good luck!
  • another way is to try to capture all ants around their nest
  • that how i got 101 lvl twice but with snipers 2 blocks closer to hole
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