are scores over 110 a cheat

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i have the highest score in england at the moment level 100 .its get vevy hard from level 90 onwards .i cant get past level 103 and find it hard to believe that scores of above 110 are genuin.are there others that think like me that there might b a little bit of cheating going on.


  • Definately- It's possible to hack into the code of the game while playing and adjust how much the cannons cost to buy. 100 is my best w/o hacking
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    you are wrong, this is possible, but its difficult, you must just not let the max lev ant pick up the piece of cake and target only this max lev ant.
    This is easy if you got on map one max lev ant example 107lev and lots of low lev (80-90)
    But this trick is only for max level not for max scores,

    Also you must have a lots of luck, normally is almost impossible 0:-)
  • ok thanks 4 your thoughts what then do you think is the highest genuin score. other wise how do we all no who is the best
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    my personal best (non cheat) score was 112 lev and 32k points, and that was extremally luck, because last 30-40minutes ants just dont wanna eat my cake and that was the reason of that high result, this happend 2nd time since Iam playing Antbuster regulary for 2,5month now, dunno if this was bug or not, but I am sure that normally is almost impossible get more than 33k points, 2nd best Polish player (girl) done 105lev and 31k points and I think this is very good result because is harder to get more points than higher level.
    ... but back to your question I think that 31-32k points are max for non cheat scores and is almost impossible to get 30k or more points few times in a week :)
    I think all players who are able to get few results more than 27k points are pro :)
  • dunno, not now,
    Now my priority is take down china and put Poland in Top3, I am playing with friends and is fun :-D
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