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Well i started this so people could show off for getting over 80. I've never done it and would like to know how to.


  • Getting past 80 is easy, smart placing of ice towers and building a good mix of ice, missiles and lasers will get your there.
    Snipers and quick towers ain't bad either for support and they have good range and speed.

    Long range towers need like speed 21 to be useful as they miss everything further out than 120 anyway. Meaning you need a shit load of these to make it work and if you place them where they will be useful after 85 you wont reach 60. Furthermore they also can be blocked by ants.

    After this i started to test the bonuses and i've become pretty stuck as none of the can provide the same result as the screenshot above.
    Placing an extra ice tower in the middle and maybe choosing other towers than lasers. I've tried missiles only and it didn't turn out well as the ants fast discovers that they can cover for each other and pass defense.

    I've seen many on this and other forums who advice you to place the ice towers close to the bughole, but you must remember you are not trying to kill the ants at the hole but you are trying to prevent them from bringing the cake back to the hole and that is the reason for the placement of the ice towers in the screenshot.
  • The only tower i haven't found a single use of is the fire tower, it speeds up the ants, have very short range and require many towers and rule out the use of ice towers as they eliminate the frost effect.
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    There's several useless towers: (useless won't get you to level 75)

    Sonic: no where near enough damage to justify it's existance.

    Electric level 2:The whole point of going electric is for the synergie damage bonus, it will lower your overall dps to upgrade theese if you've got 7 level 1's (usually have 9 out before I feel the crunch to upgrade) to the point of needing 3 upgraded before you're back to the same dps you were with 6 level 1's.

    Fire: speeds up ants, and there is no dot for red ants, they only take damage for the half a second they are in the fire, then get a super speed boost.

    Boomerang: Not even sure where to begin with this one, other than to say it's got humor value at level 40ish to have 7 of theese out around the hole....

    Barrier: by the time you can field 2 for some ant herding fun, it's no longer a barrier, and they can waltz right through them.

    Poison: without synergies, it lacks any punch, but to be effective, it needs to hit alot of ants limiting the placement options to either the hole, or basket-spots better served with other more usefull cannons.

    The "GOOD" cannons: (Theese can get you to 90 most of the time)

    Ice: lacks any damage ability, but is a MUST HAVE for it's slowing ability so ants stay in range of real weapons longer.

    Rockets: massive damage, long range, tracking so they don't miss (other than other ant's getting in the way and getting hit instead). Use rocket 1's with 4 ice turrets for this to work, 2 right by the hole, 2 right by the cake. evenly spread your missles between cake and hole defence.

    Quick cannons: 6 shots per second starting at 9 damage per shot (fully upgraded) with a +1 synergie bonus damage per extra cannon, so when you've got 9 out with your 2 cold turrets, each quick cannon fires 6 shots per second doing 17 damage per shot. (kinda poor range though, so usually only 4-5 of them can hit a single ant).

    snipers: 2 ice cannons as far back from the hole as possible WHILE being able to cover from the top screen to the left wall with no holes in aoe. cluster the snipers between the ice turrets.

    You should be able to hit 80 with the other guns not listed above.
  • Thanks for the info guys i'll Definitely get level 80 cracked!
  • Here's my (legit) strategy that will bring you to at least Lv 70:

    1. Start with 3 cannons placed closest to the hole, with the middle one upgraded to a Triple.
    2. Upgrade the side cannons to a Quick. The final layout would be all Quick IV or Sniper III with two or three Ice on the second cannon layer from the nest, so you can choose either from here.
    3. Now for the Ice. If you are using two for it, place them in a way that their AOE barely touch each other. If it's three, place them like the bottom-right corner to a square to the nest, with two closer to the game window than to the center Ice cannon.
    4.Demolish the Triple when it is unable to do sufficient dps and continue building Quicks and Triples.
    5. During late game, you would only have 1-2 pieces of cake. Weaken the ants as much as possible but avoid killing them. That way, it is easier to kill them when one of them carries the cake back.
  • Just use rapid fire cannons (sniper, quick, electric, etc.) around the hole, and you should get far. I got to level 84 with 2 (or 3) snipers 3's, 2 (or 3) quick 4's, electric 2's, ice 2's, and poison 1. I put them all around the hole every time I play the game, and somehow, I get farther every time.
  • er.. it's really based on luck above 70. I suggest rockets and ice
  • Yeah it is- I tried the same plan I used to get to level 84, and I got to level 65. I FAILED!
  • ice and missile launchers at both the hole and the cake.... oh and in case you haven't figured it out, click on the ant carrying the cake so all your weapons (within range) will focus on that ant.
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    I know the tracking trick- and I put two ice 1's up there (not enough $$ to upgrade), and thus, I failed. I don't trust missiles though- I've lost my respect for them. They only fire so quickly, you know?
  • duh, p0nk. it is in the instructions for god's sake. we know that. that's how we know how much health an ant has. also, you can't get very far without doing so.
    Alex_M., you only had ices? that's stupid if you did. they do one damage, so they're just thing that slow stuff, but they don't do enough damage.
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    quick cannons and ice seem to work out ALOT better than missles and ice.

    plant 7 quick cannons as close to the hole as possible, so they box it in, with 4 on each side (the corner is shared, so only 7 cannons). plant 2 ice turrets in the MIDDLE (between the middle 2 along the side and bottom) 5 squares away form the hole between the 2nd and third quick cannon. This will have the ice cannon be the 4th square from the wall (3 empty squares between a wall, and the ice cannon) and have 3 empty squares between the line of quick cannons and the ice turret.

    The idea is to plant another quick cannon between the ice turret and the line of quick cannons.

    typically, I build the 4 cannons closest tot he walls first, upgrade them to the $300 ish level, then build in completing the box at the $300 ish level upgrade. Somewhere around that time, I loose my first pice of cake. when that happens, I stop building/upgradeing quick cannons, and build the 2 ice turrets at level 1 ice. After they are built to level 1, I go back to upgradeing the quick cannons in the box till all are fully maxed before building the other 2 between the box of them, and the ice turrets. When I'm down to 2 pices of cake, I upgrade the ice turrets to level 2, and start killing off the highest level ant to bump my level. This gets me to level 90+ almost every game now.

    Exact build order is the 2 on the walls, and the ones right next to them, then I'll build the third in on eithe the side, or bottom depending on which direction the ants are moveing that game (usually to the right side). then the other side one, and finaly the corner. (the corner one is always last). It's best to try to upgrade the second closest to the walls first. (the pair that's 3 squares in) from a faster game standpoint. Doesn't really matter which you upgrade first, but keep them closer to the walls as the ants like to go down one side or the other, and rarely tear diagionally letting you get off a cross fire. They will pick a direction, and generally spend the whole game moveing that way, either off right (usually) or straight down along the left wall (rarely). If you build lopsided enough, they will change directions to get away from the way more damageing side, so build fairly even, but keep the upgrades going on the side the ants favor first. Weapon synergies from the weak side will help out the strong side.

    Some number crunching... with this setup, even the bull chargers along a wall are going to be getting hit by 4 quik cannons all the way to the hole. Quick cannons fire 6 shots per second, and are a base 9 damage per shot (maxed) with a damage synergie of +1 per maxed quick cannon (by level 95, you should have all of them maxed) giveing a base damage of 17 damage per shot, or 102 dps per cannon. that's each cannon is as damageing as 2 maxed out missle launchers. (missles do about 100 damage every 2 seconds, but do have increased range over the quick cannons, and do have splash damage which the quick's don't have). The far back placement of the ice turrets will bring the ant with the cake down to a .3 movement speed (unless there's an ant blocking it) beofre it's in range of the box of quicks, and will keep it going at .3 all the way to the hole (forthe direct chargers) giveing you maximum amount of time with full fire power. There's no need for a center ice cannon, one of the 2 side ones will clip and ant going up the middle, and that ant won't last long at all being in range of effectively 18 fully upgraded missle launchers... the only ant's that make it to the hole are the ones tearing along the edge of the map where only 3 of the side cannons (of the box) and the one between the box and the ice turret can reach. I've been playing around with placement of that outsider quick cannon, and sometimes move it closer to the wall to increase the time it can fire on wall hugging ants, but i think it's better off where it is to prevent ants form going between the ice turrets.
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    argh only level 75.... i dont even qualify to talk on this discussion panel.

    ok i had ice and missles and that got me to 75

    5 front missle, 1 middle and 1 back by the cake
    2 front ice...

    i wasnt able to upgrade all the front missles to level 2 but got most everything else upgraded, and am using the "weakening" method for those back two missle launchers...

    i think that by adding those lasers after 40 i should be ok


    here is a screenshot of what was going on as the last cake peice went down the hole. notice that i had ALMOST enough money to get a missle 2 upgrade for another front but not enough...

    give me some advice or try this placement... here's why... no wall huggers! yes a little on the way down but they come straight back with the cake. they are half defeated by the time they reach the line and then get pounded a bit more... then TURN AROUND, walk 3/4 of the way to the wall and then try it again. the variables on the ones that would "march" straight thru were probably 30 to 1

    by the way i added the back missle launcher around level 35 and mid around 42...

    i am going to try some of the above suggestions.

    also, it didnt affect me this game but i did download the tech tree. thanks for that post in another discussion room.



    i just read some of the above comments about luck.

    first of all i would just like to say that the predictability of each ant or pair or group is about nill. the ultimate goal of the ants is clear but correct in that they just do whatever sometimes. in this and this alone is there luck... how to max on points and/or choosing which ones to snipe/attack for better results, this is not luck. it's tactics.

    i used to think that some weapons repeled them better than others and am still kinda figuring this out, but i have still seen them walk right thru a bank of poison/ice towers and come out smiling, so i threw that idea out the window.

    so.... after playing over 27 hours here are my basic rules of sniping


    paulys snipe strategy (open to suggestion)

    ************ priorities ******************

    >>>>>>>>>when hill is full:

    pick on the escaping
    pick on the weak

    >>>>>>>>>>when ant population is half hill (inside) and half in the field (outside) with no cake

    pick on the weak outside
    pick on the weak inside

    >>>>>>>>>>>when ant population is half hill (inside) and half in the field (outside) WITH cake

    pick on the ones with cake closest until they turn around or die
    pick on the weak inside
    continue picking on the weak outside with no cake when in range

    >>>>>>>>>>>When ant population is almost or all in the field (cake or not)

    pick on the ones with cake closest until they turn around or die


    two ants in range with cake


    pick on ant whose cake is pointed directly for the hole
    switch between when needed as they turn


    finish off least healthy ants first if breached the line


    pick on all weak
    pick on the ones with cake closest until they turn around or die
    leave those in the hill alone (towers out of range of your snipe/attack will attack them for you)
    pick on the ones with cake closest until they turn around or die


    i dont know if some players see it but i feel that one of the stonger points in this tower game over a lot of others IS the ability to choose targets. i play them all and this one is tops... although bloons is cool too...


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    Kevin: I didn't have just Ice cannons, I had snipers, ice cannons, electrics, and I forget what else, but I still failed- this exact plan which got me to level 84 got me to level 65 the last time. Stop pickin' on me just because I'm Canadian.
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    Pauly: move the missle launchers away form the hole, they are entirely too close. ideally, you'll want their upgraded range to be almost touching the hole it's self, but not quite. Once a missle fires, it will track an ant accrost the entire map regardless of actal range, it ONLY matters if the ant is in range when the missle fires. For that reason, it's not a bad idea to move the hole missles back ALOT as the cake chargers will have some time between when teh last missle in range fires, and it hits, so you could back it off so that the max arc is just touching dirt.

    Leave the ice cannons near the hole exactly where they are, those are perfect placements. (it's possible to use the 2 ice cannons at that location to field a missle launcher. Just start out with the 2 cannons upgraded to level 1 impact cannons, and wait for enough cash to build a missle launcher before converting them to ice. you will probably loose a pice of cake or two though).

    I've lost all illusions on the effectiveness of missles. in the 90's, missles are completly useless, and you'd be far better off with the slower build up quick cannons, or even level 1 electric cannons. The lack of synergies on the missle launchers, and relatively low dps (only 50 when maxxed) makes them kinda low end. There's probably going to be some combination of missles, ice, poison, heavys, etc that works out great, but I am fond of weapons with damage synergies. (impact cannons, electric cannons, quick cannons)

    Alex: if you're going to use electrics, do NOT mix them with any other kind of tower (other than ice) as each turret that's not electric drops the dps of the electric turrets by 3, I think. not much, but if you've got 7 in range, that's the same damage as an un upgraded missle that's lost between the remaining turrets.

    For those of you wondering, Here's the setup I use, it got me to level 97 twice in a row, 99 twice, and almost always level 90+.


    second immage is painted on by me for build order.


    Fully upgrade 1 and 2 evenly before makeing any other turrets.

    build and upgrade to quick cannon 3 (the 352 dillar upgrade) on turrets 3, 4, 5.

    Build 6 and 7, and upgrade to impact cannon 1. (that's heavy, then impact). hold off on iceing them till you're down 2 pices of cake. (possibly right now). Upgrade them to ice 2 when you're down to 2 pices of cake left.

    get 3,4,5 all FULLY upgraded.

    build 6 or 7 (depending on which side the ants are concentrating on). and FULLY UPGRADE IT. then build the other one.

    build 8 and 9 same way, pick which side needs it more, and fully upgrade it BEFORE you make it.

    Ditto on 10 and 11. build on the side the ants are trying to go through first, then the other side.

    You will have all cannons fully upgraded by the time the average ant level is about 85. at this point, you want to pick on the highest level ant, and leave the rest as damaged as possible (so they are weak when they grab the cake). tag every black ant to keep them all going as slow as possible, but once you''ve got them slowed, keep the main fire on the highest level ant (or the cake carrier as by this time, you're usually down to 1 piece left anyway). That many quick cannons give each one 17 damage per shot, with 6 shots per second. they've got horrible range and don't deal well with multiple ants, but for single target nukeing, nothing comes close. (so don't worry if you''ve lost half the cake by level 20, it really won't matter. worry if you're down to 1 piece before level 70-there's too much time for an ant to get a wild hair and hug a wall).

    Hope this helps.
  • woah... you people type WAY too much. just... cross your fingers and hope youre REALLY REALLY REALLY lucky. you were probably just unlucky
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    Dominion: It so helped! You are the greatest! First time I tried your strategy, I reached level 100. Pity I did it offline... Online I tried it twice or three times, always getting over level 90. Oh, and I forgot to take note of what cannon #13 costs... I tried missiles as #12 when I played offline, but didn't have time to upgrade it fully so it didn't make a real difference.

    About chosing what ant to shoot, I prefer to tag the stronger. That way the "cake boost" it takes when picking a piece of cake won't make it so hard the cannons won't be able to take it down. Or at least that's the idea.

    Great strategy, as I said. I was playing missiles + ice before as a rule, but usually lost under level 90 except for a couple of lucky games. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    PS: I tried your strategy but using Laser full upgraded instead of Quick IV. Not worth the try, really.
  • Yea, I tried it with EVERY cannon replaceing the quicks, and never even got close. (closest would be snipers, but even they loose 10 levels below quicks on average). The only reason snipers did so well was they can out dps the quicks when an ant is hugging a wall (only 3 quicks can hit an ant hugging a wall near the hole while all but 1 of the snipers could hit it). I think the difference is in the total dps putput. while only 3-4 quicks are hitting your target, the rest are softening up other ants makeing cake grabbers almost never have full health, so while snipers do do more damage, they have to deal with full health wall huggers way more often.
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    I do 24000 points or above most of the time with snipers, 5 at the hole and 4 at the cake. It always ends around 90-92 with some ant running straight through the middle and not getting frozen due to some idiot ants blocking for it.
  • I am probably useing snipers wrong then, I used them in the same configuration I used for quicks, and a few times pulling them back form the hole 2 more spaces (did slightly better, but still no where approaching level 90), so maybe snipers simply don't work with my quick cannon strategy.
  • one of my position strategys works well with snipers or quicks


    need the ice's in there quick though
  • Thanks alf, that's very close to what I use for quicks, but I have teh ice cannons 2 squares farther from the hole, and slide the 2 quicks outside the box one square closer to the walls.

    useing the setup my way with snipers is definatley not effective, but the extra slow time from haveing the ice turrets back farther adds a few levels to your average game.
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    so sad my top is lvl55 but hey i started playing competivitely 30mins ago and it has been about 1year since i played at all, ill get better then ill own chu all hehehe datteybayo

    Edit: i got further, lvl69, i'm catching up...
  • I QUALIFY! LVL81 Thanks to dominon and his/her stratagy. BTW what gender are you guy'gals? Don't want to call a guy a lady or a girl a man.
  • Sumi, it really doesn't matter who is male, female or some mixed gender through abnormal birth or medical changes. This is a forum for AntBuster and other RStein games, not a place to go trolling for virtual sex with idiot pree teen boys pretending to be 16ish year old girls.

    80+ is almost 100% guaranteed with quicks and ice cannons near the hole. 90+ is easily 9/10 games the same way. 95 is where I seem to be hitting a brick wall. I can still get there over half the time, but even 96 has been unreachable in te last few days.

    I've posted screens of my setup, and have been altering it slightly moveing cannons around 1-2 squares with each new setup failing to achieve what my posted one does. I thought it was just a matter of time and luck, but that theory is fadeing fast.

    Has anyone determined any of the rules governing ant behaivor when getting hit/encountering an obstical? If there was a gun that would make an ant turn left when it hits the turret, we could use that as an extra delaying device to get farther.
  • I'd like to use the snipers. I have reached level 92, a friend of my in almost the same configuration level 102. Here's the set up: http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/751/antbuster92ww7.jpg

    For each fully build sniper, EACH sniper will get an additional 5 range. So the snipers has about range level 180, when you place 7 (6+1) snipers. It's worth a try, really.
  • Dominion>>> dude I just dont want to call anyone the wrong gender people don't usally like that. I just want to be poilite, you won't catch me dead getting it on with a web cam hooker.
    hennie-khb>>> alright i'll try that some time. post back if i like it.
  • I GOT MORE LVL91 same stratagy as before don't have time to try hennie's yet but i will.
  • 3 snipers near hole, the one on the long side of the rectangle slightly further away. 4 missles closer to the middle. 2 ice cannons, maxed out 2/5 of the way down each wall. level 80+ for sure, trying to add laser or something else to get to 90 consistently
  • Clevin, none of my experiements with mixed weaponry comes close to 2 ice turrets near the hole, rest maxed out quicks. you'll get 90+ almost every game that way, but you hit a wall at 95. most my 90+ games end at 95, only 2 got past that.

    missles and snipers lack the damage of quicks. hell, everything but impact cannons lack the quick damage, but impact cannons have an even worse range, so are nearly completly useless.

    you'll end up with 11 turrets in the 90's, so a quick (base damage 9 with 6 shots per second, and +1 damage synergie for each additional quick has them doing 17 damage per shot, 6 shots per second, or 102 dps. the maxed out missles do about 50 dps 9but do get a very small aoe and have almsot 2x the range) the snipers do 57.6 dps also at nearly double the range.

    While double the range would seem like double damage, it's not. (sure, 2x the range means 2x as long in fireing range under normal circumstances, but with ice turrets to slow the ants, for a double range to have ice'd ants for the entire time, you'll need 4 ice turrets half way accrost the map. for quicks, 2 is enough for the entire run through the range, ie, more damage).

    I'd love it if in use those longer ranged guns actually did what common sence (double range=double damge) especially for wall huggers that only get hit by a small number of quicks, but repeated in game play testing shows that it doesn't work out that way. double range only means more time for the ants to block eachother.

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