Why you should always play the official version

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Hello everyone who reads this.

I am posting this discussion to promote the official version of AntBuster, never any of the hacked or other party websites. The reason I believe this is because I was playing on a hacked version just for fun (I've actually been on the leaderboards for the official version before). A good one I did I had a V-shape around the hill with a little extra, some backfield missile launchers, and a second line around the cake. The V-shape looked exactly like the line in this guide here: (( http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Past-Level-70-in-Antbuster )) except i swapped the Ice cannon in the middle of the V with a poison cannon. Then I had the two missile cannons right about in the middle area of the field, and they had a very small intersection of their ranges. The back line consisted of three Ice Cannons and 4 Quick cannon IV. The quick cannons were spread out evenly along the visible perimeter of the picnic table, and the Ice cannons were a short distance away and filled the gaps between the Quick Cannons.

This is how the second setup did : 1st piece: Lvl 77 at 16,876
2nd piece: Lvl 77 at 16,951
3rd piece: Lvl 81 at 19,280
4th piece: Lvl 81 at 19,280
5th piece: Lvl 81 at 19,280
6th piece: Lvl 82 at 19,764
7th piece: Lvl 83 at 20,172
8th piece: Lvl 84 at 20,337

My best run on the official RStein version was Lvl 87 at 22ish thousand with only 10 cannons. That being said, the real version of Antbuster is much better if you want to get a higher score.

I hope this has turned some people away from using hacks!:-)


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