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edited December 2007 in Antbuster Web Game
i want to see who can get to the highest level with just cannons from the double stream

screen shot is not required but may help others

plz try it


  • i got to level 60
  • edited January 2008
    great idea, I'll edit this with what I used and the level I got to...

    61 with boomerangs around the hole. 6 total, 4 were upgraded at the end.

    63 with machine guns around the hole. 7 total, 3 were upgraded.

    63 with double quicks around the hole. 7 totall, 6 were upgraded.

    67 tripple cannons

    Tried a few games with mixed guns. (usually involveing a poison cannon or 3, never broke 60 with mixed weapons)

    wasn't able to make 60+ with any other of the guns available in the doubles line the first time I tried it with them-so yes, those levels were the FIRST attempt to use them.
  • double huh? Sounds like fun.
  • got 57 with all the cannons i tried however limited my verititys were. I tihnk some could work ok if not well if you just had some ice cannons also
  • maby try this: place mashine guns (or other guns) at the bottom of the hole, so thy go to right. flamethrower+poison, and after that ice cannon..
  • no ice cannons with the double gun challange.
  • no flamethrowers either they are quick's
  • this challange gotta be quicks only but ice would help alot

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