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Why are all the cannons grey?

edited March 12 in Antbuster TD
Player Ed Mara sent me a lot of suggestions today. One of they says:

Add color to different types of towers (they aren't very distinctive). Also change bullet color & shape.

I with to explain why... at the moment, all the cannons are grey because they have medium attributes setted. You may noticed that each cannon have a level. When you leveled up a cannon, you will get a point to tune these cannon. For example, if you have a Heavy Cannon I level 3, you can use 3 points to tune up the cannon, putting 2 points in damage and 1 point to speed. For each point in damage, the cannon will be more red; for each point in speed, the cannon will be more blue. Then, the cannons will have different colors, according to the attributes leveled up.

These cannon settings will be available as a new option in the main menu.

In that way, I believe that each player can tune up the game according with your own strategy.

What you think about it?
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