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  • Join !!

    You too can fizz and whizz.

    in Guzzlers Comment by Brewskie March 2008
  • :-(|)To bust into the 80s and 90s , Make a grid layout of the placement of the guns, and than make a template of the radius of the guns actual kill zone.

    Place the layouts in a pattern that best effectively lays a field of fire to pou…
  • Heres one that is a challenge but is fun. You start with Snipers at the cake and transition to FIRE !!!

    Its fun and requires you to target multiple targets quickly to confuse the ants that are aggressive.

  • DIET COKE !!!

    Thanks to all the new members and old faces for working the Guzzlers over. Keep up the great work.

    I would like to see some weird Drink names though from outside the US. Helps to educate my young mind as to …
    in Guzzlers Comment by Brewskie March 2008
  • 8-)
    in Guzzlers Comment by Brewskie March 2008
  • Its not a hack, ive posted this to thru the contact section for the last 3 weeks to the owner of this site and no answer from him/her.

    It happens because ants go to 0 at the hole and are allowed to enter the hole than be destroyed, ye…
    in ants hack Comment by Brewskie March 2008
  • Group Friendly
    in Guzzlers Comment by Brewskie March 2008
  • $12291 for a level 16 turret
    Level 126 Ant has 46737 hit points
  • Level 146. Currently at 127 and getting higher, will post it tommorow if i die