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Denius Styx


Denius Styx
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  • Fianlly!!!! Thanks englandno1. See our chat room for a couple. Found a way around the problem =-)
  • :-D By George I think I got it :-D Send to photobucket and resend back to my desktop... Thanks englandno1 =-)
  • I don't have a phone cam, or even a cell phone for that matter. I'll just keep trying from time to time. Thanks for all the sugestions. They help point me in good directions.
  • bmp is how is was saved to my computer after I do the "print screen" and copy it to a paint program. I also tried the ones I saved over to photobucket.
  • I've tried and get an error:
    Some problems were encountered
    The file you attempted to upload (7c3h no 1.bmp) was empty.
    You are not allowed to upload (7c3h no 1.bmp) the requested file type:

    I even get the error when …
  • :-):-):-)
  • Testing, 1, 2, 3...
  • Thanks for trying to let me know how to do the direct load. I saw what you did and the pics look great. I'll try some night to figure out what you mean by adding the pics to my desktop and browse for them. I have no clue. Remember, I am not too …
  • I've tried them close to the cake before and didn't have much luck, but will keep trying something different. On those set ups, I tried to get the cake and hold to be at the max range of the upgraded/bonus snipers. That way I could get them ants c…
  • All you have to do is copy the line and past it to your adress line. It'll just bring up the photo. You don't go directly to photobucket at all.
  • Nice idea. Just need a little bit more room.
    By the way, did any of my Cake/hole set ups look similar to yours? =-)
  • I second englandno1 suggestion for uploading pictures. :-)
  • I don't know how to do that. Took me long enough to figure out photobucket. I have the images on my comp, do you know how to load directly to antbuster or any other way: 8-)-not
  • 0:-) I've tried a few set ups with extra effort this morning. Here are some of my better efforts:

    Spread Set Up:

    Box Set Up:
    I've tried similar set ups, but will continue and prevail. Did you happen to get a snap shot of the set up? Additionally, what non, cake carring ant did you target when the final piece was left? For example, highest le…
  • Go get 'em shatter. Well rested I hope ;-)

    Thanks englandno1. Still looking for the 30k though =-)
  • I agree. I only play at work, if the work load allows. I was also gone for two weeks. I only post to No Cheats, no other groups at all.
    And I feel, as always, every little bit counts.;-)
  • englandno1- I think people are enjoying the summer. Killing ants must be a winter sport.
    BTW- are you still playing and posting for No Cheats?
  • I like it :-D
    Ants check in but they don't check out :-D~
  • ...and if you do not cheat, feel free to type in No Cheats for the group :-)
  • Then it's mostly in Maine. Mostly rain the last two weeks. Common forcast:mostly cloudy with a chance of showers, heavy at times.
  • Not if they live in New England. If the sun comes out, I'll be taking a picture of it :-D
  • It's good to be back, been a long two weeks....
    Let's see if I can help get No Cheats back in the top ten tonight (this morning)...
    :-D~ Snipers and ice make dead ants nice :-D~
  • =-) Finally back =-)
    Not much activity in the forum, but I see a few new people in No Cheats. Welcome all.
    Let's see if I remember how to play ;-)
  • I think the final hope is that Marcel can find that balance, that fine line, the golden bullet. How do you attract new players and keep them playing. The input given has been how to make the game more challenging for seasoned players (to keep them…
  • Antmuderer- It's nice to be the start of a group. I started ANCE (all non cheater everywhere) a while back and we hit the top ten and faded in and out of it. Since then, with the great suggestion of englandno1, No Cheats was created. It sent a me…
  • Gave it a good shot tonight, 27k.=-)
    Tried a pyramid stack by the cake. Ran into the good ol' pick ants :-(
  • :-D~ Just keep giving them Hades :-D~ You'll get there :-D~
    As well as snipers and ice ;-)
    I've heard they make dead ants nice :-D
  • Great going LEM!!! :-)
    My 30k quest is yet uncompleted, but seeing your score might give me a little boost ;-)
  • Didn't think you were complaining, you don't seem to be the type. ;-) I have a total of 3 jobs and am grateful with the way things are these days.
    Just wish my full time job paid as well as my part time jobs. 0:-)