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  • still looking good
  • Aesthetically i find antbuster 1.5 very pleasent. I like the shields. it give more color and diversity to the game and it allows me to have a better idea of the different levels the ants are without untargeting them and loosing the game at crucial m…
  • what you have described is a glitch in an older version of the game. it happened to me a couple times with poisen and rocket launchers. that was a very long time ago.
  • if you really are getting level that high then why don't you post a screenshot of your game. or at least of your score and money and whatever cannons you have put on. i'm talking about some way to know the games you refer to are legitimate because t…
  • i'm so jelous of all of you. in florida the good weather is in the winter when its cool. i stay inside in the AC in the summer. oh yeah, i suppose i do go outside for the beach but that'll be only a couple times in the summer.

    AC is goo…
  • http://i42.tinypic.com/11soytk.jpg

    so... anyone still play?
  • u predict you'll find yourself drift further away from missle launchers and more towards snipers as you progress in your experimenting.
  • i think defending multiple slices of cake is counterproductive.

    first thing i like to do when starting a game is letting the ants take about half my cake.

    at times i'll purposely let the ants take a slice or two until i hav…
  • what if you make up a group name and post to it and then look for that group name. like put in warnpeace for you name and then warnpeace for your group.

    maybe you'll see it then.
  • is it a matter of justification?

    is anything justifiable?
  • so.... all those acounts that were logged in withing 17 and 18 hours ago were probably the same person, including axeman, and causing havoc in the +/- scores; especially to englandno1.

    do you think axeman was a second account to someo…
  • his original account doesn't look banned


    his others are banido
  • if you still have his account page in your history you can find it and post the link.
  • i'm looking at this search option to see the order members have logged in and there are a ton of accounts under the catagory banido or banned in english.
    on second look banido is portuguese for banished
  • sniper is the easiest way to get highest scores but there are other ways.

    keep experimenting!
  • hi sonkoborgon, welcome to the forum.

    some other people will tell you a specific strategy which, to be fair, works very well.

    i'll tell you what works for me. be creative and try everything and read the forums. we've talked…
    in hello Comment by mikey2 April 2009
  • blankito,

    put your screenshots on the screenshot thread.
  • you are completely right blauelf with all your points in your post. i tried to keep the sentences simple.
  • kori's second highest score is at 24120 so it is quite the jump. it must have been quite the game.

    i know you meant 38500 instead of 3500.
  • i'm not sure but it looks like kori from japan has 33,607 which looks real since i see other realistic score posts under that name.

    that is what i would believe is the highest score so far but i could be wrong. it is quite the score.
  • i can't load the antbuster page. :(

    i hope marcell's not having server issues.

    nevermind. now its working.... weird
  • I'm not sure how to take your response to my posts about me cringing from your generalizing and my response to warnpeace to give him perspective on what the real high scores are helen.

    england saw that in my high score explanation i use…
  • aww, lets not make generalizatons.
  • Something else to keep in mind is without cheating the highest level i have seen is about 100 give or take a few. The highest scores without cheating i have seen were just at 30,000 give or take a few.

    I hope that puts it in perspectiv…
  • Ich wei
  • hi
  • i don't think england wants everyone to have the ability to block IP adresses. I think england wants it to be written in the community moderation rules page that marcel can block IP adresses.
  • if blocking his IP is what marcel did then he can do that all he wants. it has nothing to do with community moderation.

    its his website and he can ban whoever he wants.
  • i would guess that the reason he can't get back in is because of a completely different reason...

    completely unrelated to community moderation, marcel also has the ability to block an IP adress.

    so his IP adress must be blo…
  • it was weird how the other one was closed with all the negative points.

    i don't think your question makes sence. why would there be exceptions? community moderation is set up so if someone has negative points they lost their privelage t…