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  • Hi Everybody. Thanks for giving Wishing Fair a chance! We now already have people from all over the world: India, South Afrika, The UK and the Netherlands. We're not big jet, but we'll get there! Thanks!!!
  • Thanks! Maybe I'll see you there. Hope you like it...

    I see you're still in the top 10 by the way. Nice going. If it wasn't for pope benedict and stu I'm afraid Earth would have been totally of the charts right now. I promess to pick up…
  • Hello everybody,

    I haven't been playing a lot of antbuster lately because I was somewhat busy with another project.

    I'd like to share it with you. It's a new website called www.wishingfair.com

    Shatter, maybe yo…
  • Hi Mikeall, thanks.

    I thought it could be something like that. It's a good thing to remember next time the ants get stuck in a corner...
  • Hi Shatter, thanks. I'm going to try that. :-). By the way, no cheats is still hanging in there :-). I've been way to busy to play a lot of antbuster, but still Earth isn't out of the list, so we're still not doing so bad :-D.
  • Onehumanrace were are you? :-(

    Is everything alright? Or are you just trought with antbusting?
  • Hi everybody,

    If you want to help out to keep Earth on top: You''re very welcome :-D


  • Helping :-). Tomorrow I'll help you some more. It's 2.45 at night, I need some sleep :-D
  • Hi onehumanrace. Are you on the plane to the filipines already? :-D
  • O yeah, your right! Silly me =-)Your lucky woman :-D. That was what I ment. Lucky. I just made a mistake. I ment lucky but I typed poor. I don't know how that could have happened. :-DYour lucky woman. Thank you for pointing that out so I could recti…
  • Haha, your poor woman ;-)
  • Woman really fall for that 0:-):-D;-)
  • O wait! I just found another solution. Just be the alfa male in the house. Just beat yourself on the chest and growl a little and say: Women, children stay home, you do housework and get my remote control. Ungabunga. I'm pretty sure it will work. If…
  • Hahaha. Well, you could always move to the filipines instead and take the children with you? Makes the adopting idea a lot more easy also 0:-).
  • Hahaha, good idea. Onehumanrace jr., little and small. And definitely no food, it just takes up too much time. By the way, I think you should also cancel sleep and homework? :-D;-) You know, more productive and stuff. lol
  • Hi los locos adams. Thanks for joining group Earth:-).

    And I want to thank everyone again for submitting their scores to Earth and keeping us on the high spot. I hope we can keep it up.


  • Maybe...., or just good advice :-D;-)
  • Well, just like in the dream, just keep giving it your all and don't give up. Don't quit. Take some time to come to yourself in between actions and give it a rest if something is not working out untill you think of new things and solutions and steps…
  • Haha, well, just keep killing them and everything will work out fine :-D
  • Don't cry;-). I tought it was a good idea, but I figured out with onehumanrace that it actualy was not:-D. So I already dropped the idea. I think you red this post a little later than the other one.
  • You're right:-D! I just counted the active scores in the list (yep, I really have got nothing better to do;-)), and they dont make up to the 163 matches that are mentioned. Well, it seemed like a good idea:-D.
  • Why the sad face :-O. It's just I feel a lot of scores are lost because I see a lot of people submitting scores on the list and than dissapere out of it. And like shatter said it's more fun to see you are making a difference. Maybe this is the solut…
  • Shatter, I've just had an idea. Why don't you start Earth II. Because there are a lot of people who want to join but don't make it on the list right now. And we can help eachother out if needed? Or, you know what? I'll play one game under Earth II, …
  • Hi Spooky74. Nice of you to join :-D.
  • Well, your strategy works:-D. I've seen some of the other groups do the same sometimes. Then you see a whole row of one player in the last matches. But I really had no idea you were machinegun kelly, and I saw they were closing in on us, so thanks f…
  • I get it. It was nice to have you with us tough :-D
  • Still most people are only reading the forum instead of joining :-(...

  • Heeey, shatter :-O! But no cheats is climbing! Are you serious?
  • Ahaaaaa, well, that explains it. Thanks. I didn't know that. Well, then I'm not doing so bad :-D