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  • speed is how far the bullet travels in 1 second. faster guns shoot farther, so the ant has less time to move before the shot gets to it.
  • Poison cannons are bugged.
    you can not build on poisoned ground.

    Place the cannons near the poison cannon before you uprade the poison cannon from tripple cannon to poison.
  • I fond that final upgrade on them is worth the cost vs not upgradeing them for the end game (mid to upper 90's) simply because the daamage is all concentrated at the hole.

    if you don't upgrade, you will get 10-11 electric cannons + 2-3 …
  • ok, I may be pulling a stupid here, but 10 attempts to duplicate this have NOT caused the ants to get trapped in the corner useing the version of antbuster on this webpage. (same one that looks like you used).

    It may be to a minor err…
  • Make sure you have roughly equal fire power throguh all possible courses the ants can take. Easiest way is to use snipers or long range cannons and keep them close enough to the cake and or hole so that each cannon can fire along both walls relivant…
  • I've explained it before in a much larger post with the problems and benefits of all the guns, but here it is for barriers:

    1. they are expensive to use, so you don't get them really before about level 50.
    2. by the time you can a…
  • Boomerangs are fun... Not as effective as snipers or quicks, but fun.
  • check the forums for the 80+ thread (it's an older thread) specifically for dacian's postings.
  • easiest way past 90 is with sniper cannons (had said quick, that was a mistake, snipers are the best choice)and ice (also it's the current best setup for highest levels obtained by people who will share their methods)

    set 2 ice cannons …
  • yes, there is a reason to upgrade both ice and poison to level 2.

    1. Ice. Try your favorite setup with ice 1 one game, then ice 2 the next game. Then try again with only ice 1. You will be hateing life.

    2. Poison. W…
  • new warheads for missles.


    cost would be say 50 each time you change it, same as changeing direction of the barriers.

    napalm does full missle 2 fire damage, but in a very large…
  • I have experimented ALOT with all of the cannons. Flame throwers consistantly make you loose faster than just useing the default cannons you have when you plant one. They are by far the worst cannon in the game.

    As far as the best go…
  • I've lost 6 pices by level 10 and still made level 103 with dacian's sniper setup.

    when you loose the first pice makes no difference in the game. you do not get more money for haveing more cake. There's no reason to protect any of it…
  • impact cannons do have the highest damage potential, but they have no range, and are psychotically expensive. you can field more dps in snipers or quicks for the same price as impact cannons.
  • snipers.

    you start with 2 cannons. upgrade one to a quick1, one to sniper1

    as soon as possible (around level 2) upgrade the other quick 1 to sniper 1.

    upgrade both to sniper 2's then sniper 3's.
  • it's not teh first pice lost that matters, it's when you loose the last pice. That last pice defence is where dacian's setup rules.
  • X9, I've done the same arguements for quicks stubbornly for about a month till I tried dacian's sniper setup. I hit 100+ first game with it. Yes, increased range increases the blockage by other ants. yes, once you have 10 or so cannons, the qui…
  • Don't feel sorry, I was stubbornly attached to quick's when I was getting in the upper 90's every gamewith them and their 108 dps each, but after only a couple games with dacian's sniper setup, and some number crunching for dps (yes, snipers do half…
  • 103 a few times, 100+ several times. almost all of them were sniper cannons near the hole with 2 maxed out ice turrets.
    other 100+ games were quicks near the hole. several games in the 95+ range with long range cannons or missles.
  • That just might be the most intelligent thing either of you came up with...

    (sorry, had to)
  • If you're going to use quicks, use ONLY quicks (and of course the 2 ice turrets). Do NOT mix quicks and any other type of weapon. the loss of synergy bonus to the quicks makes them mostly useless.
  • I'd bet on Dacian stomping you intothe ground alf...
  • 1. the flame thrower is worse than useless. it speeds up ants, so they take way less damage than the flames look like they'd do, and the flamer has pretty much the worst range. Technically barrier has a longer range, but it only fires in 1 dir…
  • http://img81.imageshack.us/my.php?image=16thbuildanotherlvl3sninu8.jpg

    sniper 3's and ice. works WAY better than missles, also doesn't lag the game out takeing 5 hours to loose at level 80.
  • Alex, useing multiple types of cannons is... (dam, there's no nice way of saying RETARDED) ,,not in your best interest.

    yes, you do have to use 2-3 ice cannons depending on how you set up your guns, but after those, pick 1 gun type,…
  • it's not the inaccuracy, they do hit just fine, it's the extra 1,200 ish you spend per cannon over what it takes to make a quick4, or sniper3 that makes it junk. yes, cannon for cannon, it does MORE than snipers or quicks, but on a damage per doll…
  • yea, dacian has a sniper cannon setup (search the 80+ section) that averages about 5 levels higher than my quicks do. but quicks and snipers seem to be the best guns for getting 100+ games with.
  • missle1's usually hit for 80, missle2's usually hit for 85. as far as I know, missle1's can't do more than 80, but I "think" missle 2's can do 100 if they hit right. yes, both misslea re capeable of doing less than 20 damage on a hit if it happe…
  • Alex, what have you been smokeing?

    sniper3 and quick4 are close to if not the actual cheapest full upgrade weapons in the game, and have been proven to be the best 2.
  • That's exactly where I got 500 pixels from. and 90-94 is average for my games with long range cannons. I use 1 ice near the hole, 2 by the cake. al 3 are ice2's.